Cortney’s personality, involvement, integrity and true concern for people make him a natural leader. He leads by example and produces real results.
— Bill Sehnert, Executive Director, Peer Power Foundation


Cortney Richardson-pastor, singer, songwriter, business owner, preacher, friend, leader... Weapon of Mass Inspiration- a young renaissance man whose impact has touched every age demographic and sector. Under the umbrella, Cortney Inspires, LLC, you get it all. 

Cortney is a graduate of The University of Memphis where he received numerous awards and scholarships for his service as a transformational leader. He founded a college ministry in 2008 that continues to touch the lives of hundreds of college students. An advocate for social justice and change, he served as board member for The Benjamin L. Hooks Institute and has registered over 200 new voters. 

A passionate leader, Cortney serves as a Program Director and Ambassador for the Peer Power Foundation, a youth development organization which hires high performing college and high school student stories tutor their peers. He is the Youth and Young Adult Pastor at New Life in Christ, under the leadership of Bishop Kevin & Pastor Linda Willis. He also serves as a legacy leader, tour manager, and advisor council for D&P Joubert, LLC, an international entertainment and touring company founded by Phyliss McCoy-Joubert.  

From childhood to now, Cortney's powerful singing voice has been characterized as one that makes people want to know his GOD.  In 2013, Cortney released his freshmen recording project entitled "In This Place" which debuted as Top 20 on iTunes. He is a well sought after voice not only for singing but speaking as well. He is known for his inspiring, relatable, revelatory, and transformational bible studies, keynote address, conference presentations, and sermons. He is the voice of inspiration.

This seems like a lot, but you know what they say, Cortney Inspires. While Memphis, TN is his home, GOD has given him the world as his platform for inspiration.